Monday, November 3, 2008

Truth be told!

So if the truth is to be told, it is this! I realized today that the reason I don't blog very often is because I value my "nap" time to much! LOL When I have the extra 5 -20 minutes it is usually spent napping! I wish this happened more often but it only happens about 2-3 times a week. So when the dishes are all done, laundry is running, and not needing to be folded, the little ones are all sleeping and I have the quite moments to blog.................... truth be told I would rather take a cat nap! But as I promised I am trying to post more often and keep everyone up to date so here is the latest in our lives!

Thursday ~ The little kids Dani & Chris had a Halloween party at the park for Preschool. They had a blast! Chris made a cookie that was so covered in candy you never would have guessed it was in the shape of a pumpkin! Ellie & Carter (my nephew) had a great time chasing each other around and making me chase them! Chris & Dani insisted that I have a costume so I wore one of Dani's dress up things in my hair and went as a Hippie Mom. Chris told me I looked like Jesus! LOL

Friday ~ Mom & Dad came down and we all went to Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids had a great time. There was a jumper, popcorn, and cotton candy. And of course TONS of Candy! It was from 6:30 to 8:30. Ty came and so did David (Jessica's Husband) with their kids. When we got home at 8:45 we were all tired and ready for bed! But it was fun!

Family Picture!

Alex and a friend from school.

David and the Kids.

Our two Dragons! Chris and Xander. Xander is Jessica's Son who is the same age as Dani.

Our happy but tired Unicorn Ellie!

Enjoying the candy Uncle Ty gave them for Halloween on Saturday morning! They are suckers! LOL

Saturday~ Mom & I did some early morning shopping, it was half price day at goodwill. Then Rich & I took the kids to have family pictures taken in a grove of pecan trees with the rest of the Mortensen crew. It was a beautiful spot and I can't wait to see all of the pictures! We had the photographer take some of Carter & Ellie together, and some of Lindsey, Dani , & Bridget. Since they were all born with in a few months of each other. I think the one of the three girls will be adorable! They were all born in a three month span and Dani and Bridget are only 3 weeks apart, they were due 3 days apart. But Dani was 2 weeks early via C-section and Bridget was a week over due.

Carter and Ellie going for a walk after the pictures were done!

Sunday ~ We had a huge family breakfast at my house, which meant that my house got clean! LOL everything but the mopping anyway! We were having pancakes and why mop! You know that one or more of the little kids were going to spill syrup or milk on the floor if I mopped it! In the afternoon I made a cake for my sister in law, it was her birthday and we were having her birthday dinner. I also had a WONDERFUL hour and a half nap! Hee hee!

Here is the cake when it was all finished.

One, two, three BLOW!

This morning I found out that Alex is getting yet another teacher! This is the third one this year! But the school assures me that she will be the teacher for the remainder of the year! His first teacher didn't have any experience and couldn't handle the class, the next one they moved from kindergarten and she has gone back to kindergarten. I am hopeful that this one will be the right one! Otherwise I will be ready to hit the roof!

I am ready to get all of my Christmas Decorations out! It seems like the Christmas season comes and goes so quickly that I don't get to fully enjoy it! My Christmas shopping is almost done! Is it to early to decorate?????


charmort said...

Rana! I didn't know you have a blog! You blog about as often as I do...but it's nice when it gets updated and it's good for journaling with pictures!!! I love all the pictures and can't wait to see our family pics! Check out our blog too!