Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve we headed out for Tucson with my parents. We stayed at the Resort in Oro Valley. After we got to the resort and unloaded the grocieries we headed out to dinner. Just as we left the resort Dani yells "Mom looked I wrapped my eyes!" LOL Silly girl! Alex wanted to share in the fun!

We had dinner at Macyo's. Alex enjoyed playing thumb wrestining with Grandpa Hatch.

After a great dinner we gave the kids each a quarter for a gumball..... Danin was a WINNER!!! So she got a free Cheese crips voucher. All I hear is Alex yealling "DON"T EAT IT!" and then Dani Crying! She didn't understand that it was a winner! LOL After they gave her the voucher she got to eat it then she was happy!! As we were leaving I hadf an elderly couple stop us and compliment us on how good our kids were. That was so nice to hear!

When we got back it was time for showers and then the kids got to open thier Christmas PJ's, a family tradition. Rich and the kids ready to open the presents!

Presnts ready to go! We went from youngest to oldest.

All dressed! They love thier new PJ's
Family Picture before bed!
Rich opens his gift from Mom & Dad........... PJ's of course!

Decorating the tree! Dani & Uncle Ty
Ellie's Turn to help!
Alex working on the paper chains!
The Stockings were hung!
Look at those cute kids! Off to bed!
Santa's Treat! Fritos & Bean Dip, and a Coke! Santa need's variety!
The kids all snug in thier beds!

HO HO HO!!!! A Santa shave!
I got caught peeking around the corner!