Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missing Buggy!

Our sweet Lady Bug got out of a friends yard while we were in Tucson, Christmas Day. After the kids were asleep and in bed we left them in Grandma & Grandpa's care and drove back to Gilbert to see if we could find her. After searching in the dark for an hour we returned home at 1:00 am and I made signs and posted on craigslist that she was missing. At 5:30 the next morning we got up and plastered signs all over the neighborhood before heading back to Tucson. At 2:30 that afternoon we got the call that she had been found and she wasn't moving. She had been clipped by a car and was gone. Rich's brother went and got her and buried her for us. She is truly missed and we think of her every day! We love you Bug and we miss you! Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl!