Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

We had a great Easter Weekend with my family!
Saturday we went to go see Monsters Vs. Aliens.
I think Dani's favorite part was the popcorn!
The boys just before we went into church. They are so handsome!

We tried to get a picture of just the kids but it was a mess! So Rich sat down with them and I got this one! It is pretty cute! Even with all the closed eyes! Ellie was looking at my SHOES!

Family Feet! Clockwise Alex, Rich, Ellie, Dani, Rana, & Topher!

She can almost reach!

The only picture of me! LOL Why is it there are never any pictures of mom!
I know because I am always behind the camera!

Dani thought it was a good idea to sing Old McDonald just before primary was about to start! Luckily the mic is broken and it didn't work
Decorating Easter Cookies!
Alex and his cheesy smile!
Dani with her cookies after daddy helped her write on them. One had to say Danielle!!!!!

Everyone busy making cute cookies!

Rich was going to eat them before they were finished!

Our Easter Feast!

The cookies all came out so cute!
The girls enjoying their Easter baskets in the afternoon. They were both unwrapping Rolo's.

The boys checking out the LOOT!

Chris showing Ellie what she got.

Let the Egg hunt begin!
Ellie got a head start, but she didn't really need one! She did great!
We didn't even have to point them out!

You can tell she enjoyed every piece of chocolate she had in her basket!
Look at that messy face & dress!

Alex looked right past this egg twice before he noticed it!

Alex found the one I hid inside the foam that was supposed to be on the trampoline.
Dani doing a happy dance after she found a red Dino egg!

Chris was mad that Alex beat him to the last egg!
We had a nice evening watching one of the movies that they got in their baskets. It was a great day. We enjoyed everything so much. We enjoyed having Mom and Dad here, and Uncle Ty and my friend Leah was here too! It was a good Easter!