Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adventures with Grandma

Today Mom and I took the kids to the Zoo..... our first stop the potty! What were you expecting? LOL With four kids there is always someone who needs a bathroom!

Then we went to the new Komodo Dragon exhibit called "Land of the Dragons". It was really neat, they have two and they are HUGE! There was a lot of information to.... like did you know that they can run up to 12 miles an hour! Or that they don't have to have both sexes to procreate! It's called parthenogenesis!

Then we saw the Elephant.
The orangutan's.
Baby Kasih is getting so big!
The Rhinoceros Hornbill's The last time we saw them the had a baby in the tree who was almost ready to come out. This trip was no exception! They had another baby in the tree! You can only see the beak of the baby because they have it encased in the tree until it gets big enough to come out. The baby we saw last year was in a separate cage near the parents.
Alex taking a break from walking and enjoying the view, we watched
the Gibbon Monkey's.
While we were in The monkey village we watched a Squirrel Monkey catch a cricket and eat it, the other monkeys were not happy that he didn't share!
There were a lot of flowers
in bloom around the zoo.
Hopping good time at the Zoo!
Insert Monkey noises!
Petty talented there Chris!

The Wallaby's
My Sweet Girls!
My Handsome boy's
Water Lilly
I felt like this Peacock!!! I just wanted some where cool to rest! He had dug himself a little hole to lay in the moist dirt.

They were "pretending" to be scared of the giant spider on the roof! Haa haa I think they might need acting lesson's!
Cool Chris!

As we were leaving Alex says hey remember this old tree stump! Let's take our picture on it again!

I have always loved these two paintings on one of the buildings so this trip I took pictures of them!

After we left the Zoo we stopped at McDonald's on the way home and after they had finished their lunch (They thought I was the meanest mom ever!) They got to play on the play place for a while. This is the "I went down the green slide dance" Ellie was doing! So stinking cute that one!

Today Mom wanted to take the kids for Cupcakes! So we went in search of a bakery that sells cupcakes! We found one in Mesa it's called Sugar Lips, and their cupcakes were super Yummy! I borrowed this first picture from their website!

These were the cupcakes they
had for sale today!

Our selection's! The boy's got the one's w/ the sprinkles, Dani got a Strawberry & Chocolate swirl cupcake w/ a chocolate moose frosting, Ellie went all vanilla, Mom got a chocolate cupcake w/ the vanilla buttercream, and I had to go w/ the chocolate cake with the fudge frosting.

Dani tasted hers one finger full first!

Ellie went strait for the icing!

Chris took his nice and slow
and enjoyed every nibble!

Alex ate his in such a hurry that
he got frosting on his hat!

Near the end of her cupcake Dani couldn't take it anymore & shoved the rest in her mouth! Look at the happy face!

Ellie ate all the frosting, and was slowly eating the cake, we finally decided to let her take it in the car! But But then she wouldn't let me take her picture! She was to occupied with the cupcake! 
So Alex gave me a helping hand!

I love my kids! I Love that they love to dance! Even if it is in public places! Like today at lunch when Ellie and Chris couldn't help but groove with the music at Long John Silvers!  They are always surprising me and I wouldn't want it any other way! Ellie and Chris getting down!

She just realized I was taking her picture!
Hope you had a great day today kiddo's!!!! I love you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

In AWE!!!!!!

I can't stop looking at it! What more can a proud sister do then post it on her blog! Love you Ty!!!! You are so amazingly talented!

This is John, Tyrel's significant other, he looked great too so I had to share his picture with you as well!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brains & Braun!

For the last few day's I have been working hard on the cakes for the boy's birthday party today!
This is the cake half done!

Looks like a brain to me!
25 Marshmallow guns ready to go!
Christopher's cake completely dirty iced!
It's getting closer to being done!
The done brain cake, eyeball cupcakes, and brain cupcakes! They were a
huge hit at the party!
The Tank is ready for battle!
Starting to look like a party!
Rich starting to paint the guns! We let the kids pick 2 or 3 colors out of the five we bought and Rich painted them in a camo pattern! The kids all LOVED it!!!!!!
Two of the guns drying!
They look awesome!
Look at all the "battle gear"!!!!
Great Job Rich!
We did several science experiments one
of which was the volcano!
We also did the Mento's & Dt. Coke fountain, and dancing raisin's!

The Party Crew! Ready to go inside
and open the presents.
Aimee brought some "boogers"...... Eeeewwwwwwe!  The kids loved it!
Chris is so happy and can't
wait to eat his cake!!!!
I love the way the brain came out!
It looked awesome!
Good Job Alex!!
After the cake & Ice cream they were off to the races on the obstacle course! Rich was trying to get the kids around on the tire swing all by himself but couldn't keep up so Grandpa Hatch stepped in and helped make some of the trips around!
Go Lindsay & Dani!!
Hang on Sid!
Look at that line!
Run Rich!
Alex got really high this time around!
So did Micah!
Hang on Sid and James!!
Look at Grandpa in the background!
He fell and got pulled & spun across the grass a little ways! Hang on Grandpa!!!
Then we started the Marshmallow gun battle! Here are the "girls"
Clockwise: Bridget, Dani, & Lindsay
This ended up being the best spot to shoot the Adults from! LOL Rich and Matt (Micah's Dad) we battling with them!