Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving Maddness! Mothers Day & More!

Well I haven't had the time, energy, Internet, or the motivation to post on our blog in a while but I think it is about time I did! LOL Things are starting to get back to normal around here, after all the moving and trying to get everything packed and unpacked. The house is getting organized..... slowly, and things are falling into the places where they belong. We love having so many really nice parks close by and we have taken advantage of it at every opportunity!

The first real note worthy incident at the new house is a BIG one and it started at the old house! Alex just decided to ride the neighbors two wheel bike which he had NEVER done before!!!! AND HE DID IT!!!! So my mom got him his birthday present early a big boy bike and it took him a whole 30 seconds to get his balance and be off down the street on it at the new house! He never stops amazing me! His bike is his #1 priority when he is outside, he loves it! Mine is trying to keep a helmet and shoes on him while he is riding!

Mother's Day was a good day at our house. Rich brought me breakfast in bed, gave me a beautiful rose bush, and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. It was so nice!

But now that everything is getting back to normal it all is going to change again!!!! School is coming to an end! Christopher and Dani had their last day of preschool last week, and Pre~School Graduation was on Friday. They did a great job, they sang every song, did every action, and had big proud smiles on their faces when the teacher called their name and handed them their certificates. It was one of those priceless moments when your heart grows and you couldn't be prouder of them. After graduation they had way to many cookies and were completely happy messes!!!!

The Kids & Mrs. Billing's!

Christopher and His "girlfriend" Maren!