Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brains & Braun!

For the last few day's I have been working hard on the cakes for the boy's birthday party today!
This is the cake half done!

Looks like a brain to me!
25 Marshmallow guns ready to go!
Christopher's cake completely dirty iced!
It's getting closer to being done!
The done brain cake, eyeball cupcakes, and brain cupcakes! They were a
huge hit at the party!
The Tank is ready for battle!
Starting to look like a party!
Rich starting to paint the guns! We let the kids pick 2 or 3 colors out of the five we bought and Rich painted them in a camo pattern! The kids all LOVED it!!!!!!
Two of the guns drying!
They look awesome!
Look at all the "battle gear"!!!!
Great Job Rich!
We did several science experiments one
of which was the volcano!
We also did the Mento's & Dt. Coke fountain, and dancing raisin's!

The Party Crew! Ready to go inside
and open the presents.
Aimee brought some "boogers"...... Eeeewwwwwwe!  The kids loved it!
Chris is so happy and can't
wait to eat his cake!!!!
I love the way the brain came out!
It looked awesome!
Good Job Alex!!
After the cake & Ice cream they were off to the races on the obstacle course! Rich was trying to get the kids around on the tire swing all by himself but couldn't keep up so Grandpa Hatch stepped in and helped make some of the trips around!
Go Lindsay & Dani!!
Hang on Sid!
Look at that line!
Run Rich!
Alex got really high this time around!
So did Micah!
Hang on Sid and James!!
Look at Grandpa in the background!
He fell and got pulled & spun across the grass a little ways! Hang on Grandpa!!!
Then we started the Marshmallow gun battle! Here are the "girls"
Clockwise: Bridget, Dani, & Lindsay
This ended up being the best spot to shoot the Adults from! LOL Rich and Matt (Micah's Dad) we battling with them!


Summer said...

What AWSOME parents! A great party is a LOT of work.