Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

We attempted to take the kids to the firing of the anvil on Sat. morning...... but we were a little slow and missed it! So they settled for breakfast at Trapper's instead!

Biscuits and Gravy!
Ellie marching to the music at the patriotic program! Go Ellie Go!
Dani & Grandpa Hatch

L to R : Grandpa, Chris, Alex, Rich, Grandma, Dani, Rana, & Ellie

Uncle Lynn & Aunt Sarita were put into the Town of  Taylor Hall of fame for all of the service they have given over the years.

My cute Kids!

It was a little windy!
But I still like this picture!

Mom & Dad

Mom, Rich, & I were playing Yahtzee and mom had one of the blue tootsie pops! I told her she looked very patriotic!
Red, White & Blue!

Aries was enjoying her snuggle with mom.
We took the kids to the Rodeo and Fireworks that night. We were super lucky that Lyndee had extra seats! Otherwise we would have been standing for the entire thing!!!!!
Thanks again Lyndee!!!!
During the fireworks they had music playing and at one point "God Bless The USA" started playing and the entire crowd started singing! Let me say that there is nothing like being in a small town surrounded by a THOUSAND PLUS people singing "I'm proud to be an American!" It gave me chills and still does every time I think about it! I LOVE BEING AN AMERICAN AND I LOVE THIS LAND!!!!!!

Alex's tooth was so loose it was hanging lower then the others! I told him he looked like a Hillbilly!

Sunday Morning Rich & I took a walk, before the kids got up, we only got as far as Aunt Sarita's but we had a nice visit with her and got to hear her baby chicks pecking and cheaping inside their eggs! He flowers were beautiful as usual and I had to take a few pictures!

Later after Mom and Dad left for church we were just about to go to ShowLow to spend the day with Rich's family. While I was in search of mom's broom I found Lizzy, mom's Corgi, chewing on Rich's fishing line! I guess she thought the nasty dried up worm looked tasty! Only problem was that now she had the hook stuck in her tongue! So I was off to get mom from church!  After several phone calls we ended up giving her a "Puppy Valium" waiting 45 mins and then Rich & Dad used several tools to cut the hook and then pull it out! Dang dog! So instead of being in ShowLow by 10 it was closer to 4! LOL

Gavin & Mike While we were playing cards Sunday Night.