Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun morning... great afternoon... rough evening!

I went to ShowLow with April to get her nails done and decided to get my nails done as well! This was the first time I have had my nails done in over 8 years! I stopped having them done when I was pregnant with Alex, but now that my "baby" is three I think it is time to start treating myself a little!
April gets hers started!
This is what my nails used to look like! BUT NOT ANYMORE!! But I forgot to take a picture of the new look!
Then I had April drop me off at Wal-Mart so I could wander with Jessica. Then Mom came up and met us for lunch! We went to a new place that just opened. They had pretty good food, we ordered three things and split them all! Jess wanted Carrot cake so we ordered that too! She is over due and we know that if baby J'Len doesn't come today she will be coming in the morning Via C-section!
Jess had the first bite!
She didn't want me to take her picture so she was trying to hide!
After I picked up the kids from the cabin and saw rich off, he had to go home, we went to Aunt Sarita's to see her new baby chicken's! They were just one day old! The kids thought that they were so CUTE!! We took Beckie & Lindsay with us. Theses pictures are from when they were a few day's old but just as cute!

After the kids got to see the chicken's we went back to mom's house and the kids we all playing outside when Ellie fell right into a fire ant pile! She had between 15 -18 bites all over her chest, neck, and arms. As soon as she walked into the house I had the thought come to me"give her a benadryl. So I gave her a half. For the next 45 mins she screamed non stop! We tried everything we could think of to
make her feel better!
Then I made a few phone calls to friend's, the husband is an EMT, and he recommended that I take her to the hospital, he was out of town and couldn't look at her, but they all so said that they had a friend who was on call at the
local fire department and he said I
could bring her by.
The EMT said that he thought she would be fine but that she was allergic to the ant's and that if I hadn't given her the medicine then we would have been at the hospital. He said to watch her breathing and make sure that she didn't show any signs of distress. And that if she did then we needed to take her to the ER as
quickly as possible or call 911!
Yeah I didn't sleep much that night!