Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missing tooth fairy!

Alex lost tooth #2 yesterday! So this morning at 4 am he is in my room frantic! "she still hasn't come mom!" "I've been waiting all night!" Half asleep I stumbled down the hall after him. Told him "She" wouldn't come until after he was asleep just like Santa. I felt awful! If he hadn't woken me up I would have completely forgotten that he had put his tooth under his pillow! So 20 minutes of scrabble on my cell phone and $2.00. we were set!

First thing this morning he is so excited about his two buck! He is tell the little kids all bout how he woke up and the tooth fairy had changed his tooth into a dollar and the plastic bag it was in into another dollar! LOL Since today was half off day at Goodwill that is where he wanted to spend his money! So after a breakfast of Dunkin Donuts, a treat from Daddy for everyone, Alex & I were off!

After a good 20 minutes of cruising the toys, picking things up, keep the ones he wanted to think about he settled on these! LOL Pillow Punching Gloves! What made me laugh is we looked at something similar for Topher for Christmas! He may be getting them now so that we have two pairs!

Alex & Bella From next door!