Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks
The time of year for giving thanks is here once again.
Thanks for all the little things that we all hold so dear.
The smile from a child, a simple kiss good night,
“I love you mom” as they leave for school and quickly run out of sight.
A goodbye kiss, from the one that we hold most dear.
The phone call from them later to see how our day has been
and if we are all right.
Or their warm embracing hug when they return home to us at night.
A quick note from a friend or mother can change an entire day.
Or better still the hour chat that could go on for another hour or two still.
When asked “What did you talk about?” That is the easiest of replies.
We talked about the little things that we love about our lives!
The things that drive us crazy!
The things that make us cry!
The things that we worry about!
All the little things that add up in our lives!
And what would our day truly be without those simple things.
The phone calls, kisses, hugs, and such that we all hold so dear.
The things that keep us sane!
So even on the days when you think “I’m going to lose your mind!”
Just remember all the little things that make it all worth your time.

We don’t remember our blessings as often as we should
and in the time of year when we are reminded to
give thanks for all the things we have
These should be the first and not the last
we thank the Lord for in our prayers.
One more thought before I go………. shouldn’t we give thanks
all year for these “little” things and life that we have?
The things and the life we are so blessed to have?
Why do we wait till we are reminded to “Give Thanks”
We should remember them all year, every day, every hour!


nightowlmommy said...

I hope that you don't mind that I copied this "poem" and posted it on my blog. TFS, Staci