Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kiddo's Well two of mine..... anyway!

My sweet Ellie is always into everything!
She found some Cream Cheese Poppers & decided that they would be great to eat! LOL Who would have thought that she would actually like them! She ate the entire thing!

Ellie & Carter are such sweet babies! I hope that the like each other this much when they are teenagers! Hee hee! The first two are from Friday of last week.

Ellie was getting a diaper change and Carter just walked up and kissed her! It was so cute! We tried to get him to do it again but all we got was this cute hug!

Then he laid down by Ellie and she kissed his head. They are so sweet to each other! Only time will tell how long it will last! Now I am not saying that they are always this sweet! LOL Now and then Ellie will steal Carters Binky, she doesn't even like them, and they are always taking each others cups! They are so funny to watch!

This was this morning at Wal-Mart. Every Christmas ornament Carter saw it was a "BALL". I told Rich this is why the tree will be small and up high this year! Hopefully to avoid any major run ins with the babies!

This afternoon Topher and I took "Pepper" the pig out in the front yard while everyone else was napping and let her eat some grass. Topher was having a great time so I thought I would get some pictures. I haven't posted any of Pepper before so here she is! She kept hiding under his arm when ever she got startled.

Such a sad little face!

This was my Favorite shot! He wanted to take some with her on his tummy, and it came out great!

He picked his clothes out this morning and told his daddy "My girlfriend is going to like these cloths!" According to Topher he has a girlfriend at preschool! LOL It was so cute listening to him tell Rich all about it. Then on the way to preschool Rich and Topher had this conversation.

"Do you have a girlfriend Dad?"


"What's her name?"

"Her name is Mom!"

At which Topher laughed and said

"Nooooooo I mean at work!"

We had a good laugh at the child like innocence with which he asked the question.

Well I guess to be fair I am going to have to post some pictures of the dogs sometime soon! LOL The "puppies" Jersey & Dolly are huge these days and so much fun for the kids. Lady tolerates them, but she has to considering that they are easily 5+ times her size! So much for Lady ruling the roost!