Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tide Pools!

 This morning was a great morning! We got the kids up early, fought the traffic, got lost and finally found the Tide Pools! The kids had a great time walking from rock to rock and searching for
"Sea Critters"

Do you see anything?

Alex did!

This was the smallest starfish we found, it was also the most colorful! We saw lots of starfish some were as big as dinner plate it was amazing!

Ellie touched one!


The Tide was starting to come back in.....

10 Years Together!

Sweet Christopher!

Hermit Crab on the loose!

What a great view!

On the way back we bumped into
Carter & Michelle.
Rich helped Carter touch a starfish! 

Can you find the 2 crabs?
 There is 1 on the left and 1 on the right!

Carter lost his shoe... but Alex saved it before it got washed out to sea!

 The harbor was full of boats!

The best picture of a crab all day!

Grandpa & "The Mortensen Triplet's" 
Dani, Bridget, & Lindsey

Family Service Project! 

The Christensen Clan planted four trees
for Dana State beach!

Campsite fun!

The Lifeguard got his 
Jeep High Centered.....
Rich to the rescue!

The on lookers!
Andrew & Two of the Hege Triplets!

We went to the Pier.... I tried and failed at boogie boarding! After about two hours the kids were all tired and ready to leave. The boy's were cold and decided to take naps on a pile of huge rocks! I of course forgot my camera in the car!

That night we celebrated Char's birthday! We ended up having three cakes! Rich & I got one, Gloria got another, and Kevin & Mel picked up the third! I guess we should have coordinated a little better! 
But it all got eaten!

 Happy Birthday Char! 
Dani & Bridget played slap jack!

I won Settlers of Catan for 
the FIRST time ever!

We finished the night with a few minutes down at the beach watching the tide come in.... What a great end for the 
Christensen Reunion!