Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing With Grandpa & Dad!


 Rich & Alex left very early this morning to go deep sea fishing! Chris spent the night last night with Carter on the beach. So it was just the girls & I this morning! Which was good since I woke up with a migraine! 
By the time Rich came back to get us we were all ready and couldn't wait to get back to the beach!  Rich & Alex had a great time fishing! 

Look at those STRONG girls!!!! 
Helping Daddy with the beach bag!!!

 Hula Hoop Hoopla! 

 Beckie hoops with a sucker! 
She's talented!

 Go Meghan!

 Run Kiddo's! 

Hold Them Up Topher!

 Gavin & Grandma Mortensen


 The pit is coming along! 

 In goes Autumn! 

  Our Girls!

Rich get's to cuddle with Callie!  

 Hailey & the monster clam!

She couldn't get enough of the ocean! 
Hmmmm... maybe she's part fish!
 Ooooooh LOOK!

 Watch Out!


 Mike, Autumn, & the Boy's!

Grandpa Mortensen & Uncle Robert
Warm Sand!

Callie test's the water! 
Where did my babies go! 
They are all growing up... much to fast! 

Cute Baby Callie...
She wanted to be in the water SO BAD!



Boy's Hard at work!





 Crazy Chris!


  It's CHILLY!

 Best Buddies! 


 Michelle & Carter

Aunt Brenda & Grandma Mortensen

 Time with each other...

 Alex... Still working on the pit!
 Digging the moat!