Friday, July 22, 2011

Downtown Disney!

The first matter of business this morning was the search for Rich's cell phone! We cleaned out & organized the truck, and went through the room... still no phone.... 

We did find it about three hours later... on the side of the FREEWAY! Where it had fallen out of the car when we switched drivers last night! We feel extremely lucky & blessed to have found it, and it was unscathed to boot!

Then we took the kid's to Downtown Disney to look at the shops and have lunch!
Including the LEGO store!

 The Disney Store, Build a Bear, and the build your own remote control car shop! Lunch was next on the agenda and the kids picked The Rain Forest Cafe.... 

 We had a nice lunch and the kids LOVED the cups.... but Mom & Dad weren't to happy about the BILL!

Back to the resort for some fun in the pool!

We finished off the evening with delivery pizza!