Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poor Ellie Baby!

A few weeks ago when Ellie and I were running errands she insisted on two things! One that she take two naked babies with us! & Two that she push the cart around Sam's club! We had the time so I let her do it......... it took twice as long to get everything and we didn't need much!

Tonight the kids were at Grandma Mortensen's while we went to teachers night. Just before we got there Ellie was pushing a stroller, it slipped, and she didn't let go of the handles! Down she went! Her chin hit the floor and then the "fun" started! This is her waiting in the lobby. She was reading her book to the puppy.

Just after the stitches were complete! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!!!! Let me just say that she is one strong little girl! It took me and two nurses to hold her "still" while the Dr. put in the stitches!

She fell asleep on the short drive home. With the sucker in her mouth and an empty juice box in her hand! Both thanks to the Urgent Care!

Well we went 5 whole days with out having to see a Dr.! Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Such is the life that we live!