Saturday, August 29, 2009


On Sunday afternoon Rich started having some chest pain, so when Sunday night rolled around and he was feeling even worse he went to the Emergency Room.............. 5 hours later they said he had an irregular heart rhythm and the pain was from a pulled muscle. He got home about 4:30 in the morning. He saw our regular Dr. on Monday who also said his rhythm was not right and refereed him to a Cardiologist. Monday night the pain was even worse with a tingling in his left arm. He didn't want to go back to the hospital and decided to just go to bed, At 3:30 the next morning, Tuesday, he is in to much pain and wants to go back to the hospital. So I called my father in law and he came to sit with the kids so I could take Rich in. Long story ~ Short his heart was only beating at 35 ~ 45 beats a minute, which is really slow. So the Dr. asked Rich if he wanted to be admitted or did he want to go home with some medication. "There's something wrong and I want to figure it out!" was his reply. So into the hospital he went. Wednesday morning they did a Cardiogram. His heart was in great condition as far as his arteries were considered. Which was great news, bad news was he needed a pacemaker to stabilize his heart rate and keep it high enough so that he gets enough oxygen. So on Thursday afternoon the put in his new "equipment" and on Friday afternoon they sent him home! So here are a few pictures from our week in the hospital......... Dani & Daddy..
Gotta love the smile!
This the diagram that the Dr. drew for Rich and I so that we had a better understanding of the trouble! The heartbeat on the left is what a normal beat looks like. The one on the right is what Rich's heart beat looked like!

The boys were excited that they got to see the city from higher and that they could see the Carmax building!

Hug's with Daddy!

Ellie hadn't see Rich in a few days, she was over the moon and the stars to see him!!

They colored with each other!
The kids all helped me wash my van on Saturday, we also did Rich's truck. Then of course it RAINED!!!!! Just my luck!

Ellie was having way to much fun with the hose! What am I going to do when they are bigger! Never stay dry???!!!