Monday, September 7, 2009

Sweet Corn Festival over Labor Day weekend.

Alex took this picture! I love it!

Alex thought this was the best invention ever! He is so funny!Breakfast at the playhouse at Grandma and Grandpa's House

The whole crew!

My dad with My Uncle Danny and Ellie.

Mom and I saw this puppy when we went to get soda's before the parade! So funny!

Only in the Sweet Corn parade!

The boy's favorite float!

Grandma & Grandpa Hatch after the parade.

Hanging with Grandpa and dad at the craft fair.

My cute Dani!
The big kids had fun on the bounce house, but Ellie hated it! It was sprinkling while were were wandering the booths.

The baby goat decided to eat Ellie's hair! LOL It was so cute!

Ellie petted every animal! There were chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks, and even a baby pig.

Then it started to pour!!!!
Waiting for Rich to get the van........... the kids were wet and NOT happy! Dani was mad that she didn't get a chance to go in the Petting Zoo.

So Handsome!

Wet but Happy!

Grandma reading the kids a silly Halloween book at Eva's

Taking a nap after all the fun was done.....

Grandpas CRAZY face

Dani thought that tickling Grandpa was so FUNNY!

Sunday morning we took a walk to the lake and did a little fishing. Well Rich and I did some fishing, the kids had a blast throwing rock into the water and eating the gummy bears that they were supposed to us to catch crayfish!

Carter and Ellie being "SAFE"

On Monday morning, Labor Day, we took a "Hike" behind the cabin... the kids loved collecting the rock along the path....... I love this look from Dani!!! It a one more picture and you die!
Finding animal tracks!
Grandma with Carter and Ellie....
What a bunch!

Carter playing it COOL!

Hanging at the Cabin!