Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Many Birthdays Later!

We have had a very busy summer! And for the Mortensen's it means that we have had 3 birthdays! First was Alex's Birthday On June 14th! We had his party the day before with a wonderful group of family and friends! We also had cake on his actual birthday with family! He requested an ARMY birthday and he got one!

The Tank Cake!

Rich was in charge of the million water balloons!

The obstacle course! You had to jump in the pool, crawl under the the ropes, over the sprinkler, through the tunnel, then the foot course, and last of all the slipn'slide! The kids LOVED it!

Rich & Alex!

Presents with friends!

Family Tradition! For some reason this year Alex decided to sleep in my closet! LOL

Growing Snakes!

Happy Girls!

Two Weeks later we Had Ellie's Birthday I still can't believe she is 2! On the 28th of June we had a party with Rich's family in Chandler. Then we had a BBQ in Show Low on her birthday July 2nd with Family & Friends.

I think she was more excited about the candy then she was about the presents!

I love the Tongue!

She got the candles on the first try!

Sharing with April.

Yummy Watermelon!

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Peek-a-Boo with a frosting face!

She Loved the new pony from Grandma & Grandpa Hatch.

July 3rd

Rich, Alex, & Topher went fishing with Grandpa Mortensen, Uncle Mike, & Hailey at big Lake they left at 4:00 in the morning and had a great time in the boats! Rich forgot to take pictures while they were gone but I got these before they left!

After the fishing was done and they were headed home with the catch!

The Catch of the day! It wasn't bad..... and I'm not a fish eater!

July 4th 2009

Ready to head for home!

Christophers turned 5 on the 13th. We had his family party on Sunday the 12th with the family, we also celebrated Lindsey, our neice, birthday. She turned 4 on the 9th. So there was a lot of presents and a lot of LOVE! Chris wanted Transformers so I ordered his cake form Sam's club. I have never seen him happier and more excited then he was when he and I went to pick up his cake on Sat. It was Priceless and the picture says it all!

Monday June13th
Movies with the cousins!

Lunch at Burger King ~ They had the Transformer toys!

Rich came too!