Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hair Hiccups!

We have had a bit of a hair craze around here! Tyrel cut Dani's hair into a really cute A line cute about two months ago. It was so cute! So these are the picture from that cut. We cut about 4 1/2 inches off the back then.

Then Alex found a pair of kids scissors on the 16th and hacked the whole right side of Dani's hair off! So Ty had to fix it! This time she got an Asymmetrical cut , its when one side is longer then the other.


Alex didn't just cut his hair he cut his hair and Tohper's hair too! So Ty gave Alex this hair cut.... Alex thought it was funny until Ty told him he wasn't going to fix it!

Then he cried!

Ty told him he wouldn't fix it until he understood that he didn't cut other people's hair and that he need to apologize for what he had done to Me(because I have to deal with the new style that I don't really care for), to Dani because it was her hair, and to Ty because he is the one who is going to have to grow it back out and do all the cuts in between! He did and was much happier with his buzz.

Topher got his buzz he has been asking for it all summer!

Her hair is growing on me............................... but if it stays or all comes off remains to be seen!