Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday morning I was helping the kids clean their rooms, they were a disaster! Which is the norm around here. They never stay clean for long. Anyway Topher had an accident during the night and had left his dirty cloths on the floor. SO this is how the conversation went.......

Alex to Topher "Pick up your dirty underwear!"

Topher "No!"

Alex "Pick it up!"

Topher "No its gross! Mom can pick it up!"

Mom "Your right it is gross! You don't want to pick it up, what makes you think that I want to pick it up?"

Topher "Because your the BRAVEST mom in the world!" I laughed all the way down the hall!

He picked it up! I may be the bravest mom in the world but he can clean up some of his own messes!

Earlier this week we had American Idol on in the other room and Anoop came on and sang his song. We could hear everything but we weren't watching it. After the song was over he was talking to Ryan Seacrest when.........

Alex looked at me and said "Is his name A boob?"

I said "No his name is Anoop!"

"Oh, A nude" Alex says.

Rich & I laughed so hard! Alex is a sharp kid but he just couldn't get that name out right! Sorry Anoop!