Monday, March 23, 2009

What a Crazy Spring Break!

We have had a wonderfully crazy spring break! With only a few minor bumps along the way.

Friday Alex got out of school early and was excited to start his spring break! We had movie night and watched The Mummy 3. The boys loved the "White Monsters"!

Saturday we went to the Ostrich Festival, but first we went to Grandma & Grandpa Mortensen's for pizza and pop. Then the whole Mortensen clan was off. It was a whole lot of chaotic fun and mayhem! Including a rider falling off of one of the ostriches and then the ostrich fell on top of her! She had to be taken away in an ambulance.

Then we were off to the demolition derby. Topher LOVED it! Every time there was a "Crash" "Smunch" "Crunch" or "Bang". His arms would both go up over his head, he would start jumping up and down, and he would scream with pure excitement! "Yeah!" "WoooHoo!" It was so fun to just watch him.

While the kids went to the petting zoo with their cousins I went to meet my mom and dad so that they knew where we were. While we waited for the final round of the derby. The last round was quite a sight. Including one of the final three cars coming over the dirt barrier. It was exciting! LOL

The kids got to see a seal show, play on jumpers, and ride the rides at the carnival. We went at 1:00 and didn't leave until after 8:30! The kids were exhausted!

Sunday was full of family activities, Church, and family dinner.

When Monday morning rolled around we were off to the Zoo! With Grandma & Grandpa Hatch and Aunt Michelle and Carter. A whole day of fun in the sun!

Tuesday we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History with our friends the Gaddie's. I completely forgot it was St. Patricks Day! So we did get to do any of our usual traditions.

Ellie Looking at Elvis!


Our feet compared to the size of a Dino!

A picture just for Grandma!

Tuesday night the kids had a blast at Grandma's Grandkids Night! They got to feed the ducks, roast hot dogs and make smores. They played the Wii and spent the night. Rich and I got to have a quite evening with just Ellie, she was to little to stay at Grandma's. It was nice to have some one on one time with her.

Peek a boo!

Sharing Ice Cream with daddy!

Wednesday Ellie and I went to the store before we went to get the big kids from Grandma's and after she tried to open a package of popcorn cakes using her teeth and hands. She sat on it and popped it open so she could get to the popcorn cakes. She is so SMART!

Since we didn't get to have our regular St. Patrick Day Tradition we had a Irish & Green Dinner on Thursday. Corned Beef with potatoes, carrots, & onion, and fried green tomates. The tomatoes were NASTY!

Thursday we had planned to go to the Arizona Science Center but Alex woke up sick to his stomach and not feeling well in general. So we had to scratch the trip to the ASC!

Go Baby! GO!!!!

Later that afternoon Topher and Dani were playing in the backyard, without their shoes, and Dani stepped on a nail! It was unreal! The nail was crooked and it came all the way out of the top by about 1/2 an inch! It was also connected to a 6 foot board! So after a slight panic moment, not being able to reach Rich because he left his phone at home that morning, and calling my mother in law for some moral support I found a pair of wire cutters and cut the top of the nail off. Then I had to put my foot on the board and use both hands to pull her toe off of the board. It was bad! After a lot of bleeding and a trip to the urgent care the Dr. said we could put stitches in it but he would rather leave it open so that it can drain and hopefully avoid an infection. NASTY! Poor little girl!

Friday we got ready for our first Movie Madness! We cleaned up the front lawn, got out the chairs, and moved the grill. April came down for the weekend. Just before guest started to arrive Rich called and said that the transmission on his car had gone out and he needed me to come and tow him home! LOL If its not one thing its another at our house! Our movie madness was a great success! The kids ended up watching 3 movies and we the adults played cards. I am considering making it a more regular thing!

Saturday morning Mom, April, and I went to Sam's Club, and Dunkin Doughnuts. We also went to Verizon to get mom a new phone since her old one was always hanging up on ME! Oh and there was the slight problem that the phone wouldn't charge!
Saturday night this how our evening started....................................

Tryin to smile though the pain!
April getting her tat!

Later we took the kids to the Drive~In to see "Race To Witch Mountain" & "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" They loved it! The Adults enjoyed it to, well what we saw of them anyway! There was a lot of "I'm thirsty" "I want a snack" etc... But still fun!
Mom & Ty

Topher loved the cotton Candy! He had a super little soar under his nose that bleed like no other! He had blood everywhere! Luckly the conssesion stand had a bandaid and that helped it stop bleeding! He looks like he has a mustash! It is a good thing it wasn't a barbie bandaid he never would have worn it!
They didn't want to go home! Alex was trying to pretend he was sleep and made Rich carry him to the car. Such a silly boy!

All in all a very EVENTFUL spring break!


Vickie said...

Whoa, what a fun break!
Ok, me and my kids were at the museum the same day you were. That's just crazy! Elvis was a hit with my group, too.