Sunday, March 1, 2009

We have had a very eventful few weeks!
But I will fill you in as we go!

For my birthday, it was a Monday! WoooHooo! LOL not the best day for a birthday! Rich met me at Ty’s new Salon and took the kids after work so that I could get my hair done. Thanks TY!!!!! When I got home later that evening the kids had helped dad pick out an Ice-cream cake for me. It was late so they didn’t get to eat it any until the next night after dinner. I know... I am a MEAN MOM! Hee Hee!

Ellie having her Ice cream the next evening.

We took a Family picture before church on the 15th!
The kids are so cute!

Monday morning, Presidents Day, we decided we needed to take Ellie to the Dr. she had two sores on her poor little bum that we were sure were MRSA, we have been fighting it since last July, this was her first go round with it. The Dr. said that they were too big, to infected, and that it would be to traumatizing to drain them in the office so he admitted her to the hospital. We went home packed a bag and waited for the phone call to go in. By 1:30 we were in the hospital, at 2:00 she had a room, and at about 6:45 they came to take her to Pre-Op. Ellie and I were there until late Wednesday afternoon.
This is her room!

After her IV was put in and daddy, her Favorite person, came!

Grandpa came and brought her a Monkey! Then Grandpa & Daddy gave her a blessing.
Me and my feet!
Just before Surgery!
Just after the "Persuasion Potion" She didn't even fuss when they took her from me and walked down a very long hall to the OR.
Rich and I waiting, we tried to keep out mind off of things by watching the bachelor, it didn't really work!

The next morning! She was feeling like herself again!

After her very first dressing change they took her to the toy closet and let her have her pick a toy.
She loves this little doll!
Her I.V. stopped working and had to be taken out. She didn't like being held down.

But she liked the bubbles!
All ready to go HOME!

We had a home health nurse who came to the house on Thursday and she got more green puss out of one of Ellie's incisions. But Friday it was looking better and I was lucky enough to get to go with Alex and his classmates to the Arizona Science Center for a field trip. Mom & Dad came down and stayed at the house with the other kids. The group I was “chaperoning” had a blast and it was nice to get to spend some special time with Alex.

My Crew!


Ouch, a bed of nails no thanks!

One of the boys took this picture for me just before we got back on the bus!

Alex was so worn out that he could even keep his eyes open! He had earned the right to stay up as late as he wanted on Friday night but he played to hard on the Field Trip to last for long!

Saturday we spent a good majority of the morning cleaning and clearing out! We were determined to get rid of everything that could harbor the MRSA virus! All the extra stuffed animals, kids chairs, and even the throw pillows off my couch got put in trash bags and then put into the shed. A few months in the summer heat should kill just about anything!
All of the remaining stuffed creatures got washed. We washed walls and bed frames with bleach water, cleaned all the carpets, and took everything else we could put in boxes out of the house. Once it was cleaned then it came back in. This is still a work in progress!
Saturday afternoon rolled around, mom and dad had gone home, Rich and I went to change the dressing on Ellie's bum and found that the one sore was still full of puss and nasty green chunks. Sooooooooo we called the nurse and our Dr. office and after some good advice we decided not to wait to see if it cleared up and took her back to the Hospital.
Unfortunately we had to go thru the ER this time and it was 1:30 am before Ellie and I had a room. But miracle of all miracles, it was the exact same room we were in just a few days before. Which was actually nice, she had a good view which came in handy since she wasn’t able to leave the room, we didn’t have to give anyone new directions on how to find us, and Rich still had the telephone # to the room in his cell! We have to look at the positive right!
We were there until Tuesday morning before they decided to do surgery again, just on the one side and that one sore. So now she has three little ½ inch incisions’ on her bum that we have to keep packed, dressed, and covered. The packing is the hardest part for both Ellie and Mom. It is painful for her and I have to do it which makes it hard on my heart. But it is one of those evils that has to be done so that the incisions' heal from the inside out and heal properly.
We had to stay until Thursday afternoon, and we were so happy to be home. Since the other kids were still at Grandma’s and at a friends Ellie and I both had 3 hour naps in our own beds! It was the best nap ever! After 5 nights in a hospital chair nothing could compair!
I didn't have a camera but I did have my cell so when I get the pictures on the computer I will post them.
I have to post a special THANK YOU!!!! To my dear friend Staci and to my Mother and Father In~Law who took such good care of my kids and of me while I was in the hospital with Ellie! The kids were well taken care of, Rich didn’t have to cook a single meal, and we still have leftovers!
You are all WONDERFUL!!!
Thanks you & I love you!


Vickie said...

Oh, wow. What a lot to go through! I hope your sweet princess heals quickly. We'll pray for you!

lusum54 said...

so sorry to hear that. we are hoping Tripp does not have to end up going tothe hospital. his rsv looked like iy was going, but now it is getting worse.