Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trouble! With a Capital T!

Puddle Duck ALERT!
Ellie has been on a roll! Last night she decided that one shower wasn't enough and managed to get the door open and in the shower with the other kids! FULLY CLOTHED! She had just had her shower and was in her PJ's ready for bed! The older kids thought that it was GREAT! They couldn't stop laughing!

Tonight the sour cream got left on the table and she was more then eager to help herself to it! Using her hands of course! Dani was helping, but she was eating it with a spoon. What a mess she is! Looks like it might be time for another SHOWER! I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


Hatch Clan said...

Aren't kids fun!! I can remember those days...I remember Rana in the mud at her house and mine! Wonder where your kids got it from.
Love ya,
Aunt Luanna