Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie ~ Zoo & No hospital! Wooohooo!

Mom took Jess, Ty, & I to see Ink Heart. While we were standing in line trying to decided which movie we were going to go see mom got fed up and said in a stern voice “Would you just make pp your mind already!” To which the guy in front of us turned around with a surprised look on his face. He was standing at the window getting his tickets and thought that mom had yelled at him! We all laughed and told him we were sorry and that she was getting after us. His wife was about to pee her pants she was laughing so hard! We had a good time and I think it was the first time we have all been to a movie together with mom since we were kids! Rich wanted to go but we couldn't find a babysitter to stay with the kids, maybe next time!
Grandma Hatch finally talked Topher out of his hospital bracelet! Yeah! He had worn it for two weeks! I couldn't get him to let me cut it off, and it was one of those “pick your battle” things. So this morning he let her cut it off in exchange for a DOLLAR! It was too cute! He accidentally ripped the dollar! I have had to awnser so many questions about that stinking band over the last two weeks!

Rich asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I decided I wanted to finish the trip to the zoo the little kids & I started before we ended up leaving because of Topher’s poor swollen face. Since my birthday is on Monday we went first thing Saturday and spent a few hours walking around the zoo and looking at the animals. Mom went with us, and somehow managed to evade the camera until the battery died and then it was to late! But she took a family picture for us and that was nice to have too!

Grandma's favorite animal!
Lions! Roar!
My monkeys looking at the monkeys!

Family Picture! Thanks Mom!
The zoo has installed a radar / sign that shows you how fast you can run. Rich got up to 13 MPH! Alex was around 10 and Topher & Dani topped out around 7 & 5! Rich was a little worn out after
a few tries! I took video too! LOL

Ellie liked the tortoise the best I think today. They were up, walking around, and eating their lunch.
The highlight for the kids today was this squirrel! They were feeding him popcorn and he was walking up and talking it right out of their hands. Ellie was standing there with Rich before the older kids noticed and the squirrel came right up to her stood on his hind legs and touched her hands with his.
She was so HAPPY! My kids do love the little
fuzzy things! Which is Why the
Guinea Pig cage has a combination lock on it!


Lyndee said...

You go to the zoo like every day. my kids haven't even been once. They are so deprived!