Monday, August 8, 2011

Play Day with Dad!

This morning Rich had the day off & the kids start school in 2 day's so we played!
First thing on the agenda was the ZOO!

We petted the Sting Ray's

... and fed them too!

They swim over your hand and suck the fish or shrimp right out of your fingers!

The kids love to pet them because
they are so velvety soft!

It was Rich's first time to Sting Ray Bay!

The kids all got good & wet.....
SO what if they smelled like FISH!
The Tiger was out and about!
The Rhino's were just laying low!

The kids got up close & Personal
with one of the Baboons

We even got a good look at the Cheetah's
and the African Wild Dog's!

We stopped and let the kids cool off in the Caves....

Before we stopped to look at the
Orangutans, the Birds, 
the Gibbon's,
the Pelican's, and.....

The Komodo Dragon's!  All before 10 a.m.!

 Later in the afternoon, after it started to cool off,  we went to see The Smurfs with the kids! I think Rich & I enjoyed it more then the kids did! Best line...
"I kissed a smurf and I liked it!" ~ Smurfette
(voiced by Katy Perry) It made me smile!