Thursday, June 24, 2010

June is ending!

The summer seems to be passing so quickly! How is it that June is nearly over and July is just around the corner! Today we went to the Library and  I played with my new  I-Phone! I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the kids!

My personal FAVORITE!!!

Of course I have two pictures that I wish I could merge into one! Ellie was picking at her teeth in this one and everyone else wasn't smiling in the next one! This is the life of a mother! There is always at least one who isn't paying attention..... but more then likely it will be two or three who aren't! Ha ha ha ha

I love the expression on Ellie's face!

Later Alex's friend Micha came over to sleep over. The kids had a great time swimming in the pool.

I had a great time too... until suddenly my eye's hurt and they started to sting, it wasn't until I rubbed one that I realized that my make-up was running! So when Rich came outside I had him take a picture for me so I could see how bad it was... Little did I know it was this bad! :) Thankfully he loves me and he got me a clean wet washcloth to clean them.

Looking a little scary!