Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pre ~ Christmas in Colorado!

We were so excited to get to spend 8 days at the Cabin for Christmas this year! The kids couldn't wait to go! Every day it was a new question or the same one over again! When are we leaving? Is today the day we get to go? Can we leave now? I know that it was pure excitement because I was feeling it too! We hadn’t been to the cabin for two years and never when they had as much snow as they were expecting this Christmas! So after two months of preparation and two weeks of packing! We were off and the kids were elated! We didn’t arrive until a little after 6 pm so it was already dark and man oh man was the cabin cold!

The down fall of being where it is so cold is the preparing to go outside! It took twice as long to get everyone ready to go outside then they actually stayed outside!

The boy’s had so much fun playing in the snow! Dani liked it until she fell down, and Ellie was ok with the snow until Rich took her for her first ride on a sled and she touched the snow and realized how COLD it was! Then she wanted to go back inside!

Mom, Dani & I went Christmas tree Hunting. We almost didn’t make it back up the hill near the lake because the snow was so deep! But we found the perfect tree, well almost perfect! LOL Then Rich & I went to chop it down and drag it back with the quad.

The kids got to open presents with Grandma & Grandpa Hatch a few days early since they had to go home before Christmas………………… but there were no objections! They also go to open a few from Uncle TyTy! Grandma & Grandpa got to open the one's from us too!

The Boys Helping Dad and Grandpa stack wood on the porch! It was cold! We needed all the wood we could find, split, and stack! Thankfully the cabin warmed up after the first 24 hours and all we had to do then was KEEP it warm!