Friday, January 9, 2009

Post Christmas Fun in Colorado!

The rest of the week at the cabin was spent having snacks, playing games, packing up, cleaning up, playing in the snow and taking down the Christmas Tree!

The Death of a Christmas tree!

It was sooooo COLD!

The kids put on a Show for us in the basement!
They had so much fun!
FIREWORKS! Only in CO does Rich to express his firebug! The kids enjoyed the show even though they were FREZZING!!!!

Carter & Ellie! They love to be together!

One last picture of the view!

Yes those are COWS on the road!
Between Mancos and Cortez the traffic
slowed as we weaved in and out of this herd!

We had a little car trouble, Rich's parents car, Gloria and Carter hung out with us while
Rich fixed it the best he could on the road.